New Otome Release – Nenshou! for Girls

New Fitness App For Women Incorporates Otome Game For Weight Loss

Popular voice actors will flirtatiously tease you to keep working out so that Senpai will notice you

Anyone can be on a diet and try working out to lose weight, but to keep doing it to get results is always hard. The developer of the Nenshou! fitness app originally created an app strictly focused on keeping motivation going by incorporating a galge type game and enjoyed success of over 50K downloads for the series. Now, the app will be available for women using the same concept of incorporating an otome game into the fitness app.


Nenshou! for Girls features 3 cute guys who will flirtatiously tease you and help you stay on weight management, so that senpai will notice you in the end. According to the official site, the story of the app will put the player as a new student at the prestigious OotoriPerforming Arts School. Among the elite students who are promised to shine in entertainment industry, you feel a little intimidated because you are not as trim as the other students. These 3 good looking men in the app will support you to exercise and lose weight by flirtatiously teasing about your weight problem. This app is strictly for those who are okay with the concept, since these guys don’t sound like they will be nice to you at the beginning.


Nothing is held back even at the beginning! The character is calling the player “fatty” on the left screen cap and on the right, the same character is helping the player with sit-ups by counting with her.


The app contains more than 1000 Japanese words and they are fully voiced with more than 10 event stills. The app is free to downloadwith the first exercise program for the abs, while the exercise routine for the arms and the legs with otome events will be available later.



Katsuragi Kei

Kei is one year senior to the player and one of the star students at school. He is also a good cook since his family owns a restaurant in the area he is from. Kei is voiced by Namikawa Daisuke (Naoe Kanetsugu in Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji, Renboukouji Satomi inValvrave the Liberator).


Maizono Touma

Touma is in the same year as the player and he is a world-class dancer. He is voiced by Kimura Ryohei (Kise Ryota in Kuroko’s Basketball, L-Elf in Valvrave the Liberator)


Shiba Ryuji

Ryuji is a teacher at the player’s school who is also a director of the school theater group who used be a popular actor. Ryuji is voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki (Pinion in Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Soma in Saint Seiya Omega)


Just like Otome game, this app has an opening theme. that, the singer above came up from his Nico Nico fame, sings Shiawase No Teigi(Definition of Happiness) for the app.

Listen to the song here!

The App will come out somewhere this August.

I’m not really interested in this app, but I thought it was funny (an otome game in which guys tease you to keep you fit), so I decided to post it here.

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